Hannes Sabathi

Hannes Sabathi

Located in southern Steiermark, this winery has been family owned since 1860. Originally the 20ha plot was farmed with multiple crops including grapes; however in 1999 the decision was made to focus entirely on growing grapes and making wines.

In 2005 the winery was passed to Hannes Sabathi by his parents. After training at Silberberg viticultural collage and working in Burgundy, Hannes then took on the family mantle. His desire is to make ‘authentic wines that reflect their relationship with the soil, wines that can have edges and corners and, with these, show even more personality.’

Currently Hannes has vineyards in two distinct areas within south Steiermark: Kranachberg and Jägerberg. The basin-shaped Kranachberg faces south-south-west with vineyards at 500 meters above sea level. The soil has a high percentage of sand and small pebbles which drain well. Wines from these sites have great minerality, freshness and have a very focused structure. Jägerberg is south facing, and at 350 meters above sea level. There is a higher percentage of chalk in the soils making it ideal for chardonnay. Warmer, more floral and fruity characteristics can develop here, but are nonetheless complemented by an underlying minerality.

Hannes makes a number of different ranges of wines and the Klassik range, which we buy, focuses on highlighting the grapes’ purity and character.

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