Josef Ehmoser

The Ehmosers, Josef and his wife Martina, are based at Tiefenthal in the Wagram region of Austria, some 10 kilometres north of the left bank of the Danube. The climate here is continental, one of cold winters and hot summers, but with large diurnal temperature swings that help to maintain acidity and freshness in the grapes.

Their vineyards of deep loess soils lay on the steep south-facing and terraced slopes of an ancient sea, rich in fossils and minerals, and are farmed sustainably. In the winery Josef believes in intervening as little as possible because the work has already been done in the vineyard to bring in healthy, ripe fruit.

The aim of Josef's approach is the purest expression possible of varietal characteristics and to that end the grapes are crushed gently on arrival at the winery before undergoing a maceration to extract aromatics and flavour from the skins. Vinification is in stainless-steel tanks for the whites, and in large casks for the reds, with both then seeing time in large casks to mature.