Château Certan Marzelle

When the Moueix family bought Château Certan-Giraud in 1999 they divided the estate into two parts, to become Châteaux Hosanna and Certan Marzelle. They also sold off the part of the vineyard they did not want (on sandy soil) to Monsieur Delon for Château Nenin and set about resolving some of the problems they had identified with the property, the first of which were improving the drainage of the site and replanting many of the vines. These days a laser sorting table has been installed to sort the fruit on arrival at the winery to ensure that only the healthiest grapes make it into the press.

Today there are just five acres planted, all of them merlot, adjoining Hosanna and Providence on the famous plateau of Pomerol. The vines average 25 years of age and are planted in fine gravel on clay. A new elegant label, featuring a flowering columbine, was introduced for the 2000 vintage.

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