Château Nénin

This large estate (by Pomerol standards) embraces a fine 19th century house and a large park within which the vineyard sits. Its 32 hectares are planted with merlot (78%), cabernet franc (21%) and cabernet sauvignon (1%), though the blend is more often than not around 70%/30% merlot and franc, depending on the qualities of the vintage.

Château Nénin was purchased by the proprietor of Château Leoville-las-Cases, Jean-Hubert Delon, in time for the 1997 harvest. Under Delon's ownership, and with the advice of consultant Michel Rolland, quality has risen. From day one most of the processes were reviewed, from replanting and trellising to drainage. New equipment was installed, the cellars revamped and extended, and air-conditioning was installed.

On top of all this, the Delons introduced a second wine in 1997, Fugue de Nenin, which has sharpened the selection for the grand vin, thus improving it further.

With all the investment the terroir, on the revered gravel and clay soils of the Pomerol plateau, has been given every opportunity to shine.

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