Laura Brunelli

Laura Brunelli

Gianni Brunelli, from an old Montalcino family as the name implies, was able to buy back his small family estate, just below Montalcino, in 1988. He had been running the most simpatico restaurant in Siena, Le Logge, just off the Piazza del Campo, with such success that he could subsequently afford, in 1996, to add another five hectares on a prize site on the other side south of the town.

The wine he subsequently was able to make is a beautifully balanced Brunello, which combines finesse and power. It is pure sangiovese made in traditional Slavonian oak ‘botti’, but with a thoroughly modern approach to conserving the fruit. Sadly he died in 2008, but the winery continues to produce delicious wine under the direction of his diminutive but equally charismatic wife, Laura, who will be known to all members who have attended our annual Italian tastings.

The estate’s Brunello can age for a couple of decades and is often a favourite amongst critics and enthusiasts alike.

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