Francois & Antoine Jobard

This domaine was once called simply Domaine François Jobard, but the name was changed in 2002 when son Antoine joined his father, just as François had joined his in 1957. The domaine began in the 1860s and Antoine, who now takes the more prominent role at the domaine, is the fifth generation of Jobard to make wine there.

The domaine consists of some 6 hectares of vines spread across Meursault and into Puligny, incorporating some of the finest terroirs in the appellations, and production is small and sought after.

Only white is made, and in a style that is not flashy or sensuous in youth, though it is delicious then, but one which rewards those patient enough to wait for its taut, mineral intensity, even austerity, to unfurl into something very special with bottle age.

Work at the domaine focuses on the vineyard to achieve such high-quality in the wine, with much manual work to prune the vines and keep yields low. The use of any synthetic treatments is avoided and they have not sought organic status for their wines but they could.

The use of oak is also judicious, with only about 20% new barrels employed, and the wine is not settled to remove all grape solids before going to into barrel for fermentation. Once fermented and in barrel for maturation, where they will spend up to 24 months, Antoine avoids employing too much batonnage, the stirring of the lees, because such treatment might rush the slow-process of exchange between the wood and the wine and, while producing a wine with much to offer in its early years, might lessen the wines' ageability.

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