Camillo de Lellis

Camillo de Lellis

Camillo de Lellis is a group of dedicated producers based along the coastline of the Molise region towards the southern part of central Italy.

Molise is one of Italy's smallest and lesser-known wine regions, situated on the eastern side of the Apennines and bordered by Lazio, Puglia and Abruzzo. It is also quite a newly recognised winemaking region, having only gained official status in the 1980s when it achieved two DOCs - Biferno and Pentro di Isernia - both of which produce red, white and rosé wines.

Camillo de Lellis produces a rustic and bold red Biferno that is very typical of the region, using a blend of montepulciano grapes from cool coastal areas and aglianico from warmer vineyards further inland. The Camillo de Lellis producers - a passionate and innovative team - have taken the time to make the necessary investments in the vineyards and in their winery technology to ensure the wines highlight the best the Molise region has to offer.

Although a relatively young region, Camillo de Lellis has worked hard to realise Molise's excellent potential. Although the company has also endeavoured to spread these wines as far across the world as possible, Biferno remains underappreciated and therefore presents an opportunity for superb value.

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