Cantina Valpantena

Cantina Valpantena

It is believed by some that the Valpantena Valley gets its name from the Roman pantheon, and indeed it is thought that the Romans were some of the first to plant vines here. Situated to the north-east of Verona, this valley, which benefits from cooling breezes from the nearby Dolomites, is the same valley from which we source the grapes for The Society’s Pinot Grigio, but the region is better known for its excellent red wines.

Cantina Valpantena was formed here in 1958. Today the company has 300 members cultivating over 600 hectares of vines, from appellations all over the Verona hillsides, and the co-op is judged by many to be one of the best in Italy. A further 150 growers produce olive oil.

Cantina Valpantena uses mostly corvina veronese, rondinella and corvinone for its red wines, as well as garganega and trebbiano di lugana (identical to the verdicchio grape) for its whites. The company’s winery is, as you might expect, well equipped with modern technology. A wide range of wines are created here – from everyday reds like Valpolicella, to sweet whites like recioto and passito, and premium reds like Amarone. Its best range of wines is Torre del Falasco, especially the Torre del Falasco Ripasso, which provides Amarone style at a fraction of the price thanks to a second fermentation while in contact with Amarone wine lees.

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