Deutz is an outstanding if discreet Champagne house based in the historic town of Ay, founded in 1838 by William Deutz.

Owning a significant portion of its own vineyards, Deutz selects only the highest rated grapes from vineyards in the top crus of Champagne. The production here, around 2 million bottles, makes them a relatively small player in Champagne, allowing them to focus entirely on quality.

Across the Deutz range, the house style stands out for finesse, subtlety and precision, with flavours of immense purity. They are one of the few houses that only use the first pressing (called the cuvée) which is the highest quality juice. Deutz use a high percentage of reserve wines, around 40%, which contributes complexity and depth, and the full range of permitted grapes (the Brut Classic, Brut Vintage and top prestige label William Deutz, is a mix of both pinots and chardonnay).

The wines age in underground chalk cellars, 20 metres deep.

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