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Château Talaise

Château Talaise

Although a relatively new addition to The Society’s List, Château Talaise has a long family history dating back to 1880. The current generation is represented by owner Gregory Dalla-Longa, who took his first steps in the vineyards.

Indeed, Gregory has been honing his winemaking craft since childhood, working on vintages with his father and grandfather before training at the University of Bordeaux. As well as his work at Château Talaise he also consults at various other properties throughout the year.

Château Talaise is a merlot-cabernet sauvignon blend with the emphasis on merlot (usually around 80%), producing wines that are deliciously juicy with red berry character. Wines undergo traditional Bordeaux vinification, with long maceration in stainless-steel tanks and ageing in concrete vats.

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