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Château Climens, Barsac

Château Climens, Barsac

Climens has long been recognised as the finest wine in Barsac due to the incomparable elegance and freshness of its wine. Its track record of making wonderful bottles in difficult years - and supreme wines in great years - has meant that we reckon its quality is only surpassed by Yquem, which it has often rivaled.

The estate was bought by the far-sighted Lucien Lurton in 1971, and has been run since 1992 by his youngest daughter, Bérénice, who has inherited her father's meticulous attention to detail. The wine's strong personality is derived from the great care of this family of winemakers, but also from the estate's 30 hectares of unique limestone terroir, which has been cultivated according to biodynamic principles since 2010.

The different lots that go into the grand vin are only chosen after many trial blends and this is a wine that always needs time to show its full complexity. Somewhat unusually for Barsac, Climens is a single varietal, containing only semillon. It is aged for 20 to 24 months in oak barrels, 30% of which are new. Its ageing potential is extraordinary: bewitching at five years of age, it often has a lifespan of 50 years, and, in the best vintages, longer.

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