Matetic Winery

The Matetic family are of Croatian origin and arrived in Chile over a hundred years ago. Over the years they have established themselves in a variety of businesses and in 1998 they launched a new venture in the form of Matetic Wines in the Rosario Valley, an offshoot of the San Antonio Valley. Here they planted in a cool-climate area of well-drained, low-vigour soils some 18 km from the cooling sea, and brought in a proven team of consultants and winemakers to ensure that they hit the ground running.

Clay and granite are the common theme between the vineyards, with a more friable clay being found on the valley floor. Day and night temperature swings are wide so that acidity is retained in the ripening grapes, balancing the sweet fruit flavours.

The Matetic methodology is focused on the natural environment, even down to the native alpacas used to graze between the vines to keep down competing vegetation. All the grapes are picked by hand and sorted again at the winery to ensure that only excellent, healthy fruit is vinified and they have established an enviable reputation for both their ecological credentials and the quality of the wine; in particular through their premium wines under the EQ label. The EQ stands for 'equilibrium' and represents the harmony that can be achieved between soil, climate and vine and this is an ethos that the company has adhered to in all its endeavours.