Clos Triguedina

This leading estate in Cahors in South West France has been owned by the Baldès family since 1830. Jean-Luc Baldès, the current owner, has some 57 hectares from which to make his portfolio of wines which includes small amounts of white and rosé although it is visibly the red Cahors which shapes the estate’s reputation. To this end, the vineyards – some of which are of considerable age - are planted mainly with malbec grapes as well as merlot and tannat. The style here is structured and generously flavoured. The top wine is Probus, inspired by the Roman emperor of the same name, who is said to have authorised the return of winemaking to Cahors in the 3rd century after the vines had been uprooted 2 centuries earlier. Made from 100% malbec and aged in new oak it is intended for long-term cellaring. Another addition to the range is the The New Black Wine, Jean-Luc’s reinvention of the original “black wine of Cahors” This was a favourite in England during the Middle Ages, and owed its density to the process of heating part of the must to extract more colour. The Petit Clos produced by the estate is in a much, fresher fruitier style than the other wines and is meant to be drunk young. It is a perfect introduction to the fuller, darker wines of this historic estate.

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