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Domaine Alain Burguet

Domaine Alain Burguet

Short and burly, Alain Burguet built up his domaine from scratch and it now extends to a little over 5 ha. He also has a négociant business, started in 2003. 2009 was his last vintage: the 2010 was made by his sons Jean-Luc and Eric. His style of wine has evolved over the years. It began as rich and concentrated but quite chunky, needing a few years to round off the hard edges. But the wines have become richer and more sophisticated over the years. From 2005 he decided to pick much later to obtain softer, sweeter tannins and now he is one of the last to harvest in the commune. The late picking and low yields now results in an opulent style, but supported by good structure. Further sophistication is due to his investment in a high quality vibrating sorting table. By removing all the less than perfect fruit, bunches that have remained a little green in parts or have some rot, the quality of the raw material is improved. The vibrating action gets rid of dew, soil and other debris, and any insects.

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