Domaine Leflaive

Domaine Leflaive

The Leflaive family has been present in Puligny since 1717, and since then every generation has had a hand in winemaking. However, it was in 1920 that Joseph Leflaive founded the winery as we know it today.

When Joseph died in 1953, his four children took the reins, in particular his sons Vincent and Joseph. Vincent ensured that Leflaive became the most famous domaine of them all, and was succeeded by his nephew Olivier and daughter Anne-Claude Leflaive in 1990 (although Olivier had been co-manager with his Uncle Vincent since 1982).

Anne-Claude, who sadly passed away in April 2015, took full responsibility for the domaine while Olivier manages his own vineyards, and in her time at the helm all of the vineyards have been converted to biodynamic farming. Until his retirement in 2008, the renowned winemaker Pierre Morey led operations in the cellar. His traditional Burgundian methods (such as ageing in oak casks, and lees stirring) mixed with the modernity of the cellar's pneumatic presses and temperature control has helped to ensure that the current Domaine Leflaive wines are better than ever.

The domaine has plantings in several premier and grand cru appellations in the communes of Puligny and Chassagne, but also creates a more affordable, but exceptional Bourgogne Blanc. The vineyards themselves are run by generations of 'piece workers', each responsible for their own section of vines, where organic cultivation and close pruning ensure the vines remain of the best possible quality.

With its fine, understated style, it is believed by many that Domaine Leflaive produce the finest Puligny there is, so it is no wonder that The Society always quickly sells out of every vintage in our Burgundy en primeur offers.

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