Domaine Thierry Allemand

Domaine Thierry Allemand is a small 3-hectare estate in the northern Rhône appellation of Cornas. Production is tiny (around 1,000 cases a year) but quality is among the best in the appellation. The village is a very closely knit community where few outsiders are tolerated. Thierry Allemand is one who is, perhaps because his family was not connected to wine in any way, and he learned his craft working alongside two of the masters, Robert Michel and Noël Verset. Only gradually did he acquire some precious vines of his own. Allemand’s approach to winemaking is individual and uncompromising: late harvests, very ripe and healthy fruit, and minimal intervention. Reynard is a limited cuvée made from older vines in a sheltered vineyard site and is very ageworthy. Les Chaillots is made from younger vines and is accessible sooner than Reynaud. The wines are bottled unfiltered.

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