Frédéric Mochel

Frédéric Mochel

In the far north of Alsace, this family domaine dates back to 1669, and is now run by Frédéric Mochel with his son, Guillaume, who oversees the winemaking.

The domaine has 10 hectares of vines, five of which are in the grand cru vineyard Altenberg de Bergbieten, which benefits from lime-rich marl soils (with some gypsum), and is protected on all sides by the foothills of the Vosges mountains. Their best wines come from here, and many say they make the best wines this vineyard has to offer.

Frédéric and Guillaume make exquisitely refined wines that have great purity of fruit and expression. Riesling and are their flagship varieties, although in some years they can produce very good muscat.

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