Langwerth von Simmern

Baroness Andrea von Simmern and her husband Baron Georg are the current custodians of the Langwerth von Simmernfamily heritage, which dates back to a grant of vineyards by the local duke in 1464. They run this beautiful estate, where an English garden is enclosed by medieval buildings, with a sense of tradition married very much to modernity.

95% of the family's vineyard holdings are in grand cru sites taking in the Hattenheimer crus of Mannberg, Nussbrunnen and Wisselbrunnen, the Erbacher Marcobrunn and the Rauenthaler Baiken and Rothenberg. Soils are a mixture of loess with limestone, sandy clay and some slate. The wines, the vast majority and the best of which are riesling, are fermented in stainless steel before spending time in 1,200-litre oak casks prior to bottling. The ornate labels show the medieval coat of arms of the family, an echo of the lineage that runs as deep as the roots of their vines into the history of the region.

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