The Thanisch family has a long and illustrious history in the village of Bernkastel-Kues. Their name is mentioned in the village registers for 1636 and ever since then they have grown their reputation for the very best in rieslings, in particular from the renowned Berncasteler Doctor vineyard above the village.

The Thanisch family first bought a parcel in the Doctor in the early nineteenth century and have contributed to its illustrious reputation with a long line of superbly concentrated but elegant rieslings. The Berncasteler Doctor is beautifully situated with a south-south-westerly aspect and a proximity to the Mosel that makes it just a shade warmer than many sites nearby. Indeed, look across the river at the vineyard as the spring begins to thaw the winter snows and you will see the blanket on the Doctor melting before any of the others around it.

The vineyard takes its name from a medieval legend. It seems that a 14th century Bishop-Elector of Trier, Boemond II, was taken ill in the nearby castle while on his travels. All the doctors called to his bedside were unable to cure him of his fever. It was left to a local winegrower, who brought a cask of his best wine as a gift for the ailing Elector, to perk the patient up a bit. One or two goblets later and Boemond was completely cured and in gratitude he gave the vineyard as a gift to the possibly prescient grower. The rest, as they say, is history though the legend possibly isn't.

The current owner is Sofie Thanisch and she is the latest of four generations of women to take charge of the estate, maintaining its worldwide reputation for quality. She has two daughters too, so the estate seems likely to continue safely in female hands in the future.

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