Weingut Dr. Crusius

The first of the Crusius family settled in Traisen in 1576 and the buildings which now form the heart of this estate were built in 1888, but the family did not establish a vineyard here until much later. It was Hans Crusius, the father of current owner Peter, who first developed a vineyard of 7.5 hectares to farm alongside his other crops in the 1950s and son Peter has since expanded the family’s holdings to 17 hectares.

Though they grow riesling predominantly (it forms 65% of their plantings) they also grow spätburgunder (pinot noir), müller-thurgau, pinot blanc, auxerrois, and an early ripening type of pinot noir called frühburgunder. Grapes are grown across several vineyards including the steep slopes of the Schlossböckelheimer Felsenberg and Traiser Rotenfels. The latter is an extraordinary south-facing vineyard by the river Nahe with an immense 600-foot-high cliff acting as a shield just behind it, and it is one of the best sites in the region.

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