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Grosset WinesJeffrey Grosset set up his small wine business at the southern tip of South Australia’s Clare Valley in 1981 after serving part of his apprenticeship with Lindemans. In doing so, Grosset went from large-scale production to the other end of the spectrum, with a hands-on, perfectionist approach. His old stone winery is stylish yet functional and reflects the attention to detail that extends to his 20-hectare estate and to his winemaking. Production is limited to just six premium level wines in each vintage.

Grosset is most famous for his dry rieslings which are among the world’s very best examples of their kind. Their purity, precision and consistency have made the Grosset name virtually solely synonymous with the variety, even though other wines are made here. The two single-vineyard rieslings, Polish Hill and Springvale, are from quite different sites and are among Australia’s foremost examples of sub-regional differentiation.

Having fought the corner of riesling at a time when the variety was hugely unpopular, Grosset is also a vocal supporter of screwcap closures, as part of his overall belief that technology and tradition often have to meet and be reconciled. The Society has long championed him, and was one of the first British merchants to import his wines.

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