Tokaji Classic Winery

This resurgent estate is situated in the ancient town of Mad in the heart of Hungary's historic Tokaji wine region, and is owned by renowned cellist and oenophile Andras Bruhacs and two German fellow musicians, Carl-Gustav Settelmeier and Martin Schneider, cellist and trumpet player respectively with the Hessian State Orchestra.

Having acquired the property they refurbished the cellars, the equipment and the estate and hired former mayor of Mad, Imre Galambosi, as winemaker and have gone on to win a number of awards.

There are eight hectares under vine in the grand cru Kiraly Hegy (literally 'King's Mountain') and Betsek areas, where the vines average 30 years of age. Yields are extremely low here, rarely more than 25 hl/ha and the winemaking is traditional.