Barone G.R. Macri

L'Azienda Agricola 'Barone G.R. Macri' srl, to give the company its full title, is a multi-faceted enterprise in Calabria on the bottom of the toe of the Italian boot.

Founded in 1991 in the towns of Locri and Gerace, the company produces a wide range of agricultural produce including olives and their oil, livestock, citrus fruits, cheeses, vegetables and, of course, wine. Despite the hot Mediterranean climate here the wines achieve an eminently sensible balance between sun-ripened richness and alcohol.

Reds are made from greco nero and nerello calabrese (also known as nerello mascalese in Sicily) and whites from greco bianco and inzolia, from yields that are lower than many in the region, fermented and aged in modern stainless-steel tanks. In addition to all this natural abundance the company offers agriturismo facilities too.

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