Poggio Antica

This Tuscan estate embraces 200 hectares of woodland, olive groves and open fields as well as their all-important vineyards. In the Brunello di Montalcino DOCG this is among the highest sites in terms of altitude with vines growing as high as 1475ft, where the breezes dry the grapes after rainfall and keep mildew and other fungi at bay. The slopes face south and south-west, ensuring ripeness while the coolness of the altitude allows the fruit to retain a vivacious freshness in balance with the sugars. The rocky calcareous soils drain well too.

The estate came into the ownership of the Gloder family, originally from Milan, in 1984 though the vineyards are older and are now being replanted over time to increase the density of the vines. Such densities mean that there is competition between the vines, thus producing better fruit. Paola, daughter of owners Giancarlo and Nuccia Gloder, manages the estate and has done so for 30 years, assisted since 1997 by her husband Alberto Montefiori.

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