Kuentz Bas


This is a small but solid family house founded in 1795 and situated south of Colmar. Until 1919 it was owned solely by the Kuentz family but the union came when Marie Kuentz married André Bas. It was one of the founding members of the Grandes Maisons d’Alsace and enjoyed good ties with the UK. Today direction of the business is in the hands of Jean-Baptiste Adam who has ensured its survival as a small and independent house making high quality wines from all Alsace grape varieties.

Kuentz-Bas has 10ha under vine, all farmed biodynamically and including holdings in grand cru vineyards, notably Eichberg and Pfersigberg. Grapes for the entry-level wines, which are well-made, dry in style and very good value, tend to come from a small number of contract growers. The regular varietal bottlings are labelled under the Tradition range which also delivers keen value for money at this level. The Collection wines are a notch up and tend to come from estate vines.

Cuvée des Trois Châteaux is the top level, often grand cru and due to be declared biodynamic. At their best, Kuentz-Bas wines combine grace and opulence and there can be terrifically good results. Gewurztraminer from the Eichberg is often their best wine.

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