Lilbert et Fils

Champagne Lilbert is located in Cramant, a grand cru in the Côte des Blancs, and famous for growing some of the region’s finest chardonnay grapes. The discreet Lilbert family has been connected to grape growing here since 1746 and making their own wine since 1907. The property is now looked after by young Bertrand Lilbert.

Lilbert is unique in that the family’s vineyards are planted uniquely to chardonnay and that they continue to embrace the ancient tradition in Cramant of using a lower pressure to develop the fizz (for their Perle wine).

Champagne is, of course, a sparkling wine, and those all-important bubbles are all to do with the amount of sugar added to the juice – the more the sugar the bigger the bubbles. The tradition in Cramant is to make less fizzy Champagnes that are very fine and full-flavoured.

Most sparkling wine is made with six atmospheres of pressure but here there is only about four. The result is a wine that is creamy rather than fully sparkling.

The Lilbert style is marked by lower dosage and finesse.

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