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The team at Peter Lehmann WinesPeter Lehmann Wines is located in Australia’s Barossa Valley, to the north of Adelaide. The company was started in 1979 by winemaker Peter Lehmann at a time of serious overproduction in the Barossa, where independent local growers with unsold grapes were facing the real possibility of financial ruin. Lehmann’s consortium of investment partners was set up with the aim of coming to their rescue, and resisting an Australian government proposal to grub up precious Barossa vines, something he considered unthinkable. An undeniably risky business venture back then, the company became a quality-conscious producer, saving Barossa from the brink of failure and also making the Peter Lehmann name world-famous for reliability and value for money in the glass.

Under the ownership of the Swiss-based Hess Group which took over in 2003, the company has continued to flourish, making wines from all the major grape varieties. Andrew Wigan is the current winemaker and one of Australia’s very best. He oversees a huge portfolio which is absolutely consistent, from entry-level bottles such as Weighbridge and 88 Growers Semillon, a Society exclusive, to fine wines. The company’s commitment to the Barossa and local growers has been rewarded with access to over 900 vineyards - unparalleled in the region. Today, Lehmann wines are well-respected examples of their type with many of them ranking among our members’ favourites for everyday drinking. The iconic Stonewell Shiraz is a blend of top Barossa vineyards and demonstrates the pinnacle of Lehmann’s achievement.

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