Alessandro Bartoli

Alessandro Bartoli

Situated in the hamlet of Pisignano overlooking San Casciano in north-west Chianti Classico region (close to Antinori), Poggiopiano has been owned by the Bartoli family since 1993.

The family now has 20 hectares of vines, which lie 300 metres above sea level on a flat-topped hill in the Florentine Valley. The limestone and marl soils here are perfectly suited to the sangiovese grape. Father Beppe, now in his eighties, is assisted by his sons: Stefano, who makes the wine with the assistance of an oenologist, and Alessandro, who manages the estate and controls sales.

The winery is a restored nineteenth-century cantina, and contains both cutting-edge equipment and old cement vats that still produce excellent results. The family produces five wines, including a single-vineyard Chianti La Tradizione, designed for longer ageing than the Society's Exhibition Chianti, and a sought-after wine called Rosso Di Sera, which is made with sangiovese and colorino, and which is declared as a Vino da Tavolo. The company also produces grappa and olive oil.

Winemakers AttilioPagli and Valentino Ciarla make wines that reflect their origin but which are full of ripe, approachable fruit. This made them the ideal choice for The Society's Exhibition Chianti Classico.

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