Filipa Pato

Young Filipa Pato is the daughter of a famous father (Luis Pato), and shares his love of experimentation, of old vines, and of the sometimes challenging grapes of the Bairrada region.

Like her father she was a scientist first. She spent time working in wineries in Bordeaux and Argentina before settling back in Portugal to establish her own business, and raise her two sons with her sommelier/restaurateur husband.

Most of her vineyards are leased and in the past some were as far afield as the neighbouring Dao region but today she focuses on Bairrada. She produces the full range of styles in her modest cellar, from elegant sparkling wines which are so much a part of the local cuisine (sparkling pink in particular is the locals' wine of choice to accompany traditional suckling pig), through fine whites and reds, and including a delicious fortified wine. She is a founder member of Baga Friends, a small group of like-minded producers with the goal of promoting this re-emerging grape.

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