Rene Rostaing

Rostaing Cote Blonde LabelRéné Rostaing is extremely skilled at coaxing user-friendliness out of the syrah grape. A businessman by nature, he owned just 2 hectares of vineyards in the Côte Blonde and La Landonne until he inherited several more enviable plots from his father-in-law and uncle in the 1990s. His holdings now exceed 7 hectares, including a tiny plot in Condrieu. His many other interests include Domaine du Puech Chaud near Nîmes in the Languedoc where he produces several cuvées of Côteaux du Languedoc.

In the best vintages, Rostaing produces four separate cuvées of Côte-Rôtie. La Landonne is regarded as his best, with the Côte Blonde closely behind which has some viognier in it. Both are very long-lived, although typically, the latter is lighter. His other cuvees are La Viallières and Côte-Rôtie Classique. In lesser years the grapes from these vineyards are used in the standard cuvée classique. Rostaing is in the modernist camp of producers, destemming most of his fruit and using specialised fermenting equipment. Conversely, he does not like the obvious taste of new oak and prefers not to filter his wines unless absolutely necessary.

Members' Comments (1)

"The Classique has been renamed to Ampodium.
And is said to be very good indeed."

Soorat Singh Esq (26-Apr-2018)

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