Bernard Burgaud

Bernard Burgaud, a part-time teacher of catechism, makes rich and chunky Côte-Rôties that usually need a little more time than many to unravel.

He owns a mere 10 acres in Côte Rôtie in three different areas, including some in the Côte Blonde which helps to give his wines some finesse though delicacy doesn't quite fit the bill as a description of Burgaud's full-flavoured wines.

Though Bernard owns parcels of vines around the appellation he only makes one cuvée which he believes is very much the sum of its parts. An extended maceration on the skins is applied so that his grapes yield much colour, aroma and flavour, and he destems to avoid the appearance of any drying tannins as the wines age. The use of new oak is also restrained so as to push fruit and terroir to the fore.

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