Robert Chevillon

Bertrand and Denis Chevillon

Bertrand and Denis Chevillon

Chevillon is a domaine remarkable both for the age of its vines and the wonderful silky texture of its wines, rare for Nuits-Saint-Georges which is associated more with tannic firmness, especially in the southern part of the appellation. Robert, the head of the family has retired to enjoy pike fishing, leaving the domaine in the safe hands of his two sons Bertrand and Denis who run it as conscientiously as their father did. The property extends to 13 hectares of owned or leased land, including holdings in no fewer than eight premiers crus, with vines of up to 80 years of age. Quite what accounts for the quality here, as at many domaines, is very difficult to ascertain. Buyer Toby Morhall suspects it comes down to the class of their vineyards and the extreme care they exercise in tending them, regularly producing high quality wines even in difficult vintages.

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"The 2004 Les Cailles is superb! Brilliant perfume and silky smooth. Shame that there is no more in stock!"

Mr Gerard Green (09-May-2014)