Based in the old railway quarter of Haro, Roda is making polished, creamy Rioja, full of dense fruit and velvety tannins.

They specialise in growing tempranillo, focusing on making wines entirely from this single grape variety rather than relying on the traditional blends that Rioja has become famous for. Roda controls over 123 hectares of vineyards and uses grapes from vines that are no less than 30 years old, which contribute intensity of flavour in the wines and also accounts for the bodega's small production.

Despite this, everything about the bodega is new: the pristine winery is spacious and airy, modelled on the new world. Roda produce three wines, all aged in French oak, of which two are reservas (‘Roda I’, the top wine, and ‘Roda’) and the excellent Sela, which is essentially a crianza. In the context of Rioja, the wines are aged for a relatively short time and released early. They are one of the leading producers of the new modern style of Rioja which rests its quality on fresh, vibrant and dense fruit flavours backed by velvety tannins.

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