Rolly Gassmann

Rolly Gassmann

Named after Marie-Thérèse Rolly and Louis Gassman, whose marriage brought about this successful winemaking partnership, this estate dates back to 1676. Although both his parents remain actively involved, the business is currently run by Pierre Gassmann, and he is in the process of converting to biodynamic viticulture.

The winery is hidden away in the sleepy village of Rorschwihr, in the northern tip of the Haut-Rhin departement, and the estate's vineyards are both here and in the neighbouring villages of Rodern and Bergheim.

Rolly Gassmann has 60 hectares of vines in total - quite a large amount for this area - and as a result it can produce wines in a wide range of styles. While there may not be any grand cru vineyards in Rorschwihr, it does have several good lieux-dits, with a great variety of soil types. These include Kappelweg, which has calcareous marl soil, Moenchreben's clay-marl with gravel, Oberer-Weingarten's soils of clay on Jurassic limestone, and Pflaenzerreben and Silberberg, both of which have muschelkalk soils, a mixture of limestone and dolomite rock. It also has a small amount of grand cru vines in Altenberg de Bergheim.

The Rolly Gassmann style is highly individual. Grapes are picked fully ripe and the development of noble rot is actively encouraged.

It produces single-varietal wines, including several late-harvest examples. Most of the wines have residual sweetness with the best also having good acidity levels to match. The wines are long lived and Rolly Gassmann is one of the few houses who habitually have wines for sale with plenty of bottle age.

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