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Selsley Herb and Spice

Selsley Herb and Spice

Our high-quality mulling syrup comes from the small, picturesque Cotswold village of Selsley near Stroud in Gloucestershire.

Selsley Herb and Spice began as a herb and goat farm in the 1980s, and the herbs became the basis for a range of food products that marked the beginning of the company’s evolution into a speciality and seasonal food producer.

The goat side of the business is now long since finished, but spices were added in their place, and the famous gourmet mulling syrup was born. This has since been joined by a selection of fruit syrups, and the range has become popular not only for mulled wine, but for cocktails, ice cream toppings, and even jazzing up the gravy for the Sunday roast.

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