Château de Galoupet

One of the biggest wine estates in Provence, Galoupet has a long history and certainly predates the reign of Louis XIV, whose rule began in 1643.

The derivation of the name is unclear and may come from the Provençal word for a whistle used by the ‘tambourinaires’, fifers and drummers who toured old Provence playing music at fairs on feast days.

Today it is one of the largest estates in Provence at 165 hectares, including palms, eucalyptus, oleander and citrus trees. The 72 hectares of the estate’s vineyards lie within sight of the coast near Hyères les Palmiers and are planted with a roll-call of indigenous regional grape varieties as well as more internationally recognised newcomers: grenache, mourvèdre, cinsault, syrah, tibouren, rolle, semillon, chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, calladoc and carignan have all put down roots in the schistous chalky soils.

Modern winemaking techniques are employed, under the watchful eye of consultant oenologist Gilles Bascles, in their arched underground cellars and 60% of production is rosé.

Since 1955 the estate has been entitled to use the denomination ‘cru classé’ on their labels, one of only 18 properties in the appellation permitted to do so.