Castro de Lobarzan

Castro de Lobarzan is a family-run winery with father Fernández Feijoó and his son José Manuel making wines that sing of their Monterrei terroir in a Galician region that had been in the doldrums for decades. Since the early nineties when the family began refurbishing their vineyards in the village of Villaza they have shown that wines of great quality can be produced here, eventually helping to establish a Denominación de Origen in 1994 that had been provisionally created in the 1980s but then suspended. Much wine made in the region is still supplied in bulk but Castro de Lobarzan are among the pioneers who bottle their own wine.

They grow godello and treixadura from which they make lively, flavoursome and fragrant white wines, mencia, arauxa (the local name for tempranillo) and the wonderfully named bastardo, a grape indigenous to the area, as well as just across the border in Portugal, which had been reduced to a handful of vines in Monterrei before the Feijoós began to revive its fortunes. All their vines have been developed from cuttings taken in the early nineties, and which they continue to seek out in local vineyards to this day, in an attempt to find the best possible clones of each. Their efforts are clearly paying off.

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