Stormy Cape

Stormy Cape Chenin Blanc

The wine is made in the Breedekloof district in the Breede River Valley, a region which lies towards the centre of South Africa's winegrowing area, not far from the better-known areas of Paarl and Wellington. Seamed by two mountain ranges, the area is sandwiched between the Atlantic and the Klein Karoo (a semi-desert region), giving it a combination of coastal and continental climates.

The diversity of terroir this produces is a brilliant resource for winemakers. It has high rainfall, but also alluvial sandy soils that dry out easily after a downpour, whereas towards the riverbed, soils tend to be richer and more fertile. This distinctive terroir is well worth protecting, and Stormy Cape is a part of the Biodiversity and Wine Initiative, a worthy scheme that endeavours to protect natural habitats and helps winemakers convert to sustainable wine production.

The warm weather is perfect for chenin blanc. First brought to the Cape by French settlers, it is also locally known as steen, and is high enough in acidity to cope well with South Africa's hot climate. Depending on the vintage conditions, we also occasionally stock the sweetly fruited Stormy Cape Shiraz.

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