Tahbilk Wines

Alister PurbrickLocated 120km north of Melbourne in the Nagambie Lakes region of central Victoria, Tahbilk is a winery steeped in tradition, having a continuous winemaking history since 1860. The original cellars are still in use today and the property is classified by the National Trust of Australia.

Tahbilk excels in the white Rhône grapes of marsanne, roussanne, viognier, cabernet sauvignon and shiraz as well as many other classic varieties. All are planted in premium cooler-climate sites covering around 200 hectares. Tahbilk claims to have the largest single holdings of marsanne vines in the world, with even older marsanne and shiraz vines than those in the Rhône itself. The excellent Tahbilk Marsanne has long had a dedicated following by members due to its complexity and ability to develop into the familiar honeysuckle fragrance and character traditionally associated with the variety.

The Purbrick family have been owners since 1927 and have been supplying The Society since the 1960s. Currently at the helm is fourth-generation Alister Purbrick, who is head winemaker as well as chief executive. In 2005 Tahbilk opened its substantial wetlands project which has helped to win it awards in for its wine tourism and environmental initiatives. Significantly, Tahbilk is also part of Australia’s First Families of Wine, a trade alliance of 12 family-owned businesses.

Members' Comments (1)

"I had the pleasure of visiting this friendly, well established family run vineyard in 1969 and have followed and purchased their wines whenever possible. Exceedingly good white wine. The vineyard has vines dating back well over 100 years."

Capt Frederick H Wills (23-Oct-2015)