Warwick Estate

Mike Ratcliffe

The Ratcliffe family of Warwick has been at the forefront of the Cape’s wine scene since the 1960s, when Norma Ratcliffe bought the Stellenbosch estate with her husband, Stan. Together they revived the winemaking tradition on the land, which went back as far as 1770. Between 1771 until 1902, the farm was called De Goede Sukses, literally translated as The Good Success.

Following the end of the Anglo-Boer War in 1902 the commanding officer of the Warwickshire Regiment, Colonel William Alexander Gordon, bought the farm and renamed it Warwick in tribute to his old regiment. In 1964 Stan and Norma bought the estate and after Stan’s death, Norma became the matriarch of the estate, guiding Warwick to acclaim with her flagship wine, Trilogy. First produced in 1986, Trilogy is a Bordeaux-style blend that has achieved a great deal of international press since it was launched.

The estate is currently under the stewardship of Stan and Norma’s son, Mike Ratcliffe who continues to steer Warwick into a new era of expansion and innovation. There is now a fine tasting room on site as well as a range of picnic opportunities and the chance for a vineyard tour with stunning views over the Simonsberg and town of Stellenbosch nearby.

Along with Trilogy, the estate now produces a portfolio of other wines including The First Lady, a vinous tribute to the estate’s founder and introduction to the sophisticated and fruit-driven house style. The consistent quality of Warwick Estate’s wines is evident throughout the range.

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