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Weingut Stadt Krems

Weingut Stadt Krems

Weingut Stadt Kremstal is a winery in the Wachau region of Austria, owned and run by the local municipality. For years an old-fashioned, highly conservative organisation it has been given a new lease of life by a more outward-looking and highly-trained generation now firmly at the helm. Wine quality has improved dramatically as a result.

There are around 30 more winery-owned hectares of vineyards on terraced sites to the east and west of the city of Krems, planted predominantly to the varieties of grüner veltliner and riesling. No grapes have ever been bought in from outside vineyards for the wines produced here. The Society has recently been following one of the flagship wines, the Lössterrassen Grüner Veltliner, for its fresh, zesty qualities.

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