Clos de Fous


Clos de Fous is a new project that has united four friends in search of something new in Chile. Pedro Parra is an expert on soils, Albert Cussen takes care of the business side of things and François Massoc and Paco Leyton are the winemakers.

They have dubbed themselves ‘crazy men’ (the meaning of fous in French) because they have set out to source fruit from vineyards at the extremities of viticultural conditions in areas such as Bío-Bío in the south and at Alto Cachopoal in Coya, climbing into the Andes to be very close to the snow line at 950 metres altitude. They are looking for sites where the vine will struggle and will put down deep roots in search of water and nutrients. Thus, they believe, they will get the best fruit.

Pinot noir, chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, carignan, pais and malbec have all been made from dry-farmed and organically grown grapes. This is winemaking that is looking to revitalise old vineyards and to find new ones in places where few others would look and in so doing make wines that are intense, vibrant and which display something new and perhaps surprising.

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