Domaine Comte Armand

This domaine is named after its most prized and famous asset, the premier cru Clos des Epeneaux vineyard which is run as a monopole, ie a vineyard wholly owned by a grower or domaine. The vineyard was created in the late 19th century by Nicholas Marey, sitting astride two existing vineyards, the Petits Epenots and Grand Epenots sites. The family of Comte Armand acquired control of the plot through marriage in 1824 and have owned it ever since.

It is a true Clos, enclosed by a wall which embraces vines aged between 20 years and more than 80 years of age planted to an unusually high density of 12,500 vines per hectare. It is biodynamically farmed and harvested by hand before sorting at the winery. Together with the Rugiens vineyard it is the most prestigious of Pommard lieu-dits and from 1999 was managed by the skilled and passionate advocate of biodynamism, Benjamin Leroux before he handed over to Paul Zinetti.

Winemaking is straightforward with the intention of letting all the hard work in the vineyard shine through in the quality and characteristics of the fruit. Natural yeasts ferment the juice following a cool maceration, and post-fermentation there is a further maceration that varies in length depending on the vintage and the wine. Oak is 80% new for the wines of the Clos but village wines may see very little or no oak at all. Time in oak may be 18-24 months depending on the designation. The youngest vines in the Clos are used to make Pommard 1er cru.

In addition to the Clos des Epeneaux the family also own vineyards in Volnay and Auxey-Duresses, and both village and premier cru wines are made.

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