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Domaine de la Soufrandise

Since this domaine has nearly 180 years of history behind it and has been owned by the Melin family since the 1850s it is somewhat surprising to find out that current vignerons Nicolas and François Melin took over in 1986 with no experience or knowledge of viticulture or winemaking.

Until that year the vineyard had been leased and when the lessee suddenly passed away the Melins decided to take the plunge and have a go themselves. Nicolas, who takes the lead in the winemaking activities of the domaine, comes from a background in engineering and forestry but hired himself to the University of Dijon’s oenology department and did some courses while learning on the job.

He must have been a natural because the wines are excellent. They farm 6 hectares of old chardonnay vines, half of which are more than 45 years old, and work to espouse sustainable principles, albeit without seeking organic certification.


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