Vineyard Visits

Cellar door at Wither Hills, NZ

We know that many members are eager to visit wineries and vineyards, meet producers and see where the wines they buy from us are made, and we wholeheartedly encourage you to experience this if you get the chance.

To help members plan their vineyard visits, we’ve put together some helpful fact files here, divided by region, which give details of the wine estates we know that host visits and tours. In the guides listed below you will find:

  • The times of year each estate is open to visitors
  • Contact information: including, where possible, the address, website, phone number and email address of our producers
  • Opening hours

Vineyards by region

Please note that this information is accurate as of April 2017 and we would strongly recommend that members contact the producer directly to confirm the information is correct and arrange their visit. Unfortunately, The Society is not able to make introductions or appointments on behalf of our members.

Read more about The Society's growers here >

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