La Rioja Alta Selección 874 Reserva, Rioja 2020
En primeur

La Rioja Alta Selección 874 Reserva, Rioja 2020

Selección 874 Reserva 2020: reserve yours now for delivery next year.

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Graticciaia 2018

Graticciaia 2018

This wine is due to arrive in autumn 2023

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Viña Zorzal 2021

Viña Zorzal 2021

This wine is due to arrive in early 2024

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Bordeaux 2022

Bordeaux 2022

These wines are due to arrive in summer 2025

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Northern ridge including Massif, Saint Maurice and Vinsobres

Rhône 2021 reds

These wines are due to arrive in spring 2024

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Late arrivals

Rhône 2021 Chapoutier wines

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2021 red and white Burgundy

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Barolo 2019

2019 Barolos

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En primeur

We offer wine from all over the world en primeur – while it is still in the winery, waiting to be bottled. It’s a great way to chalk your name on something special.

How to buy wine En Primeur

How to buy wine En Primeur?

How it works, what to expect and how to get the best out of your en primeur buying.

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David Kermode: Why buy en primeur?

Why buy en primeur?

Wine Society member, writer and broadcaster David Kermode gives his views on buying wine when it is first released for sale.

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What is en primeur and how does it work?

Previous en primeur offer PDFs

Find tasting notes, vintages information & recommended drink dates.

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First release

Buying wine First Release is a fantastic way to secure sought-after wines that have been bottled and are about to be shipped to the UK, at their opening prices. You pay the in-bond price: when they arrive, the decision of when to take delivery or drink them is yours.

First Release: a new way to buy wines in bond

First Release: a new way to buy wines in bond

First Release is a way to buy in-demand wines at their opening price. Here's an explanation on how it works.

In-bond dates


September 2023
2021 Invincible  First Release
  2020 La Rioja Alta 874 Reserva En Primeur
  2021 Meerlust Rubicon En Primeur
October 2023 2020 Boekenhoutskloof First Release
  2022 Maximim Grünhaus/Bürklin-Wolf First Release
  2021 Mortet First Release
  2022 Madiran En Primeur
  2021 Cross Regional  En Primeur
  2022 Zilliken/Dönnhoff  First Release
  2019 Vergelegen First Release
  2023 Xanadu En Primeur
  2022 Joh Jos Prüm/Künstler First Release
November 2023 2021 Vilafonte First Release
  2022 Ségla En Primeur
  2017 Mont Redon Le Plateaux First Release
  2020 Warwick Trilogy First Release
  2019 Brunello First Release
December 2023 2022 Yalumba Signature First Release
  2020 Jesus Madrazo No.IV Rioja First Release
  2022 Alheit First Release

Expected Offer Offer type
Autumn 2023 2020 Madiran En primeur
  2022 Xanadu Margaret River En primeur
  2019 Barolos En Primeur
  2021 Late White Rhone En Primeur
  2015 Latour/2017 Forts de Latour First Release
  2018 Long Meadow Ranch First Release
  2021 Prophets Rock Sophora First Release
  2019 Koyle AUMA First Release
  2020 Château d'Yquem  First Release
  2021 Dujac First Release
  2019/2020 Leeuwin Estate First Release
  2020 Taaibosch First Release
  2020 Meerlust Estate First Release
  2019 Silver Oak First Release
  2021 Languedocs First Release
  2020 Miles Mossop/Geographica First Release
  2021 Perdiguier First Release
Spring 2024 2021 Red Rhone En Primeur
  2021 Red & White Burgundy En Primeur
  2022 Schloss Gobelsberg En Primeur
  2021 Ridge Monte Bello En Primeur
  2020 Contino 940 Reserva Rioja En Primeur
Summer 2024 2021 Bordeaux En primeur
  2022 Jurtschitsch & Brundlmayer En Primeur
  2022 Château des Jacques En Primeur
  2022 White Burgundy En Primeur
Autumn 2024 2021 Madiran En primeur

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