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Chave 2021

Wines from a great house in a classic Rhône vintage

Chave 2021

For once, here is a Rhône vintage without a heatwave and with no shortage of water. Many would say it’s a vintage of a time past, recalling years before the arrival of searingly hot summers. The reds are built around elegance rather than power yet are full of flavour while finishing satisfyingly long. For the whites on the other hand, 2021 will go down as a great vintage, one of the best in many years. Untroubled by excess of alcohol, this vintage gives full rein to expressions of finesse and freshness with a sense of balance that seems perfect. 

Order by midday on Monday 29th April

For Jean-Louis Chave and others, 2021 is the kind of vintage that demonstrates the worth of great terroirs like Hermitage. Yields were kept low in 2021 and this allowed the crop to achieve full ripeness. There is no greenness about these wines; instead, they are round and supple, and this is a vintage that can be enjoyed young but will age gracefully over many years. 

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