First release

Nicolás Catena Zapata 2020

One of Argentina’s greatest red wines available to order in bond

Nicolás Catena Zapata 2020

It is our pleasure to offer members Nicolás Catena Zapata 2020 in our First Release series, which gives you the chance to reserve sought-after wines before they reach the UK. Ordering in this way means you can reserve finished wines ready to be shipped (unlike en primeur wines, which are still maturing), at their opening in-bond price. When they arrive, the decision of when to take delivery or drink them is yours. 

Order by midday on Thursday 30th November

This First Release is the exciting opportunity to reserve Nicolás Catena Zapata 2020, one of Argentina’s best wines. It is a blend of 54% cabernet sauvignon, 25% cabernet franc and 21% malbec.

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