First release

Warwick Trilogy 2020

An outstanding member-favourite South African red in bottles or magnums

Warwick Trilogy 2020

Warwick are one of South Africa’s most iconic producers and I am delighted to offer members a First Release of their signature wine, Trilogy. It is a unique wine, not just for its outstanding quality, but also because it’s a cabernet franc-dominated flagship Bordeaux blend. What this means is that, while the wine is powerful and expressive, there’s a seam of freshness and elegance coursing through its veins. I recommend it highly.

Order by midday on Tuesday 21st November

Located at the foot of the Simonsberg Mountain, grapes have been grown on the Warwick farm for more than 200 years. The farm is dominated by the Bordeaux varieties of cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc and sauvignon blanc, with a small patchwork of traditional South African varieties pinotage and chenin blanc.  

The property was taken on by the Ratcliffe family in 1964, with then-owners Norma and her husband Stan releasing their first wine under the Warwick name in 1984. The property was bought from Norma and Stan’s son, Mike (now of Vilafonté), in 2018 and the new team have continued the Ratcliffe’s insatiable search for quality, producing some of the Cape’s most sought-after wines.  

New winemaker JD Pretorious is thrilled with the 2020. It’s a blend of 50% cabernet franc, 44% cabernet sauvignon and 6% merlot that, while gorgeous when tasted at the property in October, will be in its sweet spot seven to eight years from vintage. This was one of the highlight wines from my trip and I implore all of you to try it. 

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