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Champagne's Chef de Cave of the year!


Joanna Goodman Joanna Goodman

Champagne's Chef de Cave of the year!

We were thrilled to hear that Nicolas Jaeger, cellarmaster at Alfred Gratien, our oldest suppliers and the people behind The Society's Champagne Brut, was voted Champagne's Chef de Cave of the Year 2018. This comes on the back of his being named Winemaker of the Year by the Year by the Guide Hachette earlier this year.

Nicolas Jaeger
Nicolas Jaeger

Nicolas was nominated alongside Clément Pierlot from Champagne Pommery and Michel Fauconnet from Laurent Perrier and was chosen by the panel and an online vote for his contributions to the development of the image of Champagne. Typically humble, Nicolas said that it was an honour for him to receive the award as recognition of the work of his family (he represents the fourth generation of cellarmasters at Gratien), the hard work of the growers who produce beautiful grapes for them to work with and the whole team at Alfred Gratien. Nicolas, we salute you!

Why not raise a glass to toast Nicolas' success with his lovingly crafted Champagne?

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